Guest Authors

Swede As Honey welcomes guest authors to submit posts.

Swede As Honey is a small blog with big dreams and we welcome talented bloggers to share our journey and build their profile and credentials with us. We will publish 2 do-follow links to your blog or website as well as a link to one of your social profiles.

The links are added as do-follow in an about the author section below post. Your promotional links are not allowed in the main subject of your post. Before submitting your content, please review the submissions policy.

What kind of posts we will publish

We require a minimum of 400 words for guest posts.

The central topics we publish are Swedish style and culture:
  • Art
  • Music
  • Film
  • Designers
  • Fashion
  • Beauty i.e. products, salons, therapies, etc.
  • Lifestyle
  • Place of interest i.e. restaurants, nightclubs, museums, etc.
  • Noted Swedes i.e. entertainers, artists, royalty, etc.

The language of your post must be English.

Please review our sample guest posts (coming soon).

  • The content of your guest post must be original.
  • The content of your guest post must never have been published anywhere else.
  • By submitting your content to Swede As Honey, you agree not to publish it anywhere else i.e. as a post on your personal blog or as a guest blog at other blogs.
  • Swede As Honey reserves the right to make minor edits to your post but will not make any major editorial changes without your consent.
Swede As Honey requires two images to accompany your submission:
  • A relevant image for your post, floated right at the top.
  • An author image to your post will speed up the submission process and make your guest post look more professional. This is optional but encouraged. Your author image will be added to the bio section of your post. Please send a 100 x 100 pixel image.
Send your submissions, ideas or request further information via e-mail to swedeashoney [at] for review.